Using the sun to power your village.

Solar Installations Services

This page feature all of our services. You can get details on a particular service by contacting us

Home Systems

Our home systems vary from simple systems that provide just lighting to sophisticated automated systems that can provide all the electrical needs of a home/Office or building.

Prices Ranges:
The cost of a home system is determined by its size and will typically range from:
100,000Frs - 5,000,000Frs

Comes with:
- Lightning Protection.
- Over-discharge protection.
- Warranties.

Hospital Systems

We offer systems for hospitals, Health Centres and clinics

System Characteristic and size:
Determined by the hospital, Health Centre or clinic.

Price range:
2,000,000Frs and Above.

Comes with:

- Lightning protection.
- Over draw protection.
- 1 month monitoring after installation.
- Guaranteed after service repairs and maintenance.

Water Pumping

Solar water pumping is ideal for Schools, Hospitals, residences, etc.

A few solar panels connected to the pump and it pumps as soon as the sun comes up.

the size of pump and installation is determined by the amount of water needed per day and the height between the well and the storage tank

Price Range
With panels**
1,200,000Frs and above.

Does not require batteries
- Negligible maintenance

Village Electrification (Mini-Grid Systems)

Our greatest joy and focus is in setting up systems that replace the need for kerosene bush lamps and small petrol generators of a village or community.

Types of systems
Village Electrification Systems (VES) range from systems that provide just lights for 5 hours a night to systems that provide full power for 24hours to the entire village on "Mini-grids".

Financing a VES can be by an individual, an organization, the benefiting village or community or by REI.
Whatever the arrangement, the benefiting village provides at least the poles needed for the grid.

Price Range:
5,000,000frs and above.

Operating a VES:
Operations of a VES is determined by the financing (funding) bodies and the benefiting village, with REI's technical assistance and expertise.


Charging Stations/Documentation Systems

A Charging stations is a small power plant with a few panels to power a basic documentation services in a remote village. 

Services of a charging station:
- Photocopying
- Typing and printing
- Digital photography
- Stationary sales
- Battery charging

A complete Station:

Comes with:
.- A Laptop Computer
 - Digital Camera
 - 3In1 Inkjet printer
 - Hiti Photo printer.
 - Free 1 month training for up to two(2) operators. .


All of our prices are subject to change. Please contact us for latest prices.

We provide after service maintenance, repairs and upgrade for all of our installations.

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