Using the sun to power your village.

Sample repair jobs

Repairs on Solar Home Systems

Catholic Sister's System
in Sabongari

We have repaired and upgraded a private solar home system for Sisters of Sabongari Convent.

The system was hit by lightning during which most of the important components were burnt.

We replaced the components and moved the panels down from the roof unto a rotatable tower, increasing exposure of panels to the sun and reducing risk of lightning.
We also installed DC and AC lightning arrestors.

Since then, the system has been doing great to this day.  

Contact us if you need a repair job on your solar system.

Nwa Rural Council System

Nwa rural council had a solar system that functioned properly for just a few months after installation.
It was too small a system to provide the power needs of the council.

After carrying out a detailed power analysis of the council, and studying the installed capacity,  we increases the capacity, changed and upgraded all the equipment of the system.

The Council is now happy with the present system and can use it without fears.

Donger Baptist Hospital - Mbem.

WL&P had installed a system in DBH, Mbem, in 2009. In 2011, the power needs increased as the hospital needed power for lights.

We upgraded the system from two panels to six panels, powering more than 30 light bulbs at the hospital and providing power to the Mbem Charging Station.

This project was co-sponsored by WL&P and
The CBC Health Board.

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